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Individual Membership

$20 +HST
Individual members are generally trail enthusiasts who are interested in knowing what events and activities are taking place on trails throughout the province. Individual members are added to our email list to receive regular updates and are encouraged to join our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.
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Community Group Membership

$200 +HST
Community group members are community-based volunteer non-profit societies registered with the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stock Companies. In order to qualify for community group status an organization must be solely dedicated to trail development, maintenance and management.
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User Group Membership

$200 +HST
User group members are provincial organizations that are dedicated to promoting the interests of a specific user trail user group (i.e. Hike NS, NSORRA, etc.).
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Associate Membership

$200 +HST
Associate members are trail stakeholders who don't fall into the other categories listed above (i.e. government organizations and other organizations who have an interest in trails in the province).
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Electronic Newsletter

As a member of NS Trails, you will receive frequent newsletters with important information!  Newsletters also strive to recognize the achievements of our members. Check out some of our past newsletters below!




NS Trails offers two different group insurance policies to assist our member groups manage risk within their organizations. 

Our General Liability Insurance is a joint group policy with the Snowmobilers Association of Nova Scotia.  It offers organizational insurance for those who don’t manage trail and trail insurance for those who manage trail or have landowner agreements in place.

Our group Accident Insurance policy is optional coverage.  It provides coverage to a maximum of 20 volunteers per trail organization should they be injured while conducting trail-related business for their organization.

Risk Management

NS Trails has approved a new risk management policy to assist members better manage risk within their organizations.

Trail Construction, Maintenance and Management Advice and Support

Membership will give you access to trail-related resources. We also provide ongoing support on trail-related issues and can suggest experts and other members across the province who can help you to overcome obstacles.

Conferences, Workshops and Educational Events

NS Trails keeps you informed of opportunities to enhance knowledge and skill sets and meet other like-minded volunteers across the province. We organize and partner with organizations to offer workshops and conferences to provide opportunities for volunteers to learn and share their expertise.

Funding Opportunities

NS Trails maintains an online list of potential funding programs and resources.

Charitable Program

The Nova Scotia Trails Federation is a registered Charitable organization and we offer a Charitable Program to interested members. Through the program donations are made to the Nova Scotia Trails Federation and may be designated to a member organization. Donors receive an acknowledgement letter and a tax receipt. It is expected that member groups will also recognize donors.

Your organization must have Directors and Officers Insurance to apply for this program. Once accepted into the program, donations may be made to NS Trails online or by cheque or credit card. For more information about how the program works, click here. 

The Great Trail

As the recognized agent for the The Great Trail in Nova Scotia we provide planning and development support to communities and trail groups interested in becoming part of this National Trail Legacy. We also are responsible for recommending greenway gap projects for Trans Canada Trail Funding.

Member and Trail Promotion

NS Trails promotes the activities, events and trails of our member groups to our membership, trail stakeholders and the public.  We do this through our news emails and social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Simply send us your information and we will disseminate it to the appropriate audiences. This is a wonderful resources for members looking to attract participants to events, trail workshops or volunteer opportunities.

Provincial Government Relationships

NS Trails works closely with provincial government departments on behalf of our members. We receive annual core funding from the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness and sit on a joint working group with representatives of the Interdepartmental Committee on Trails in an effort to develop a new trails strategy in consultation with our members and trail stakeholders across the province. We have developed a close working relationship with the Nova Scotia Tourism Agency in an effort to advance the market-readiness of trails in the province.

NS Trails is notified of changes in legislation and consultation sessions that impact the trails movement and NS Trails members receive notification of such changes and opportunities to provide input.

Youth Engagement 

Engaging young people in the trails movement is important to the sustainability of trails and the volunteer trails movement in the province.