NS Trails offers two different group insurance policies to assist our member groups manage risk within their organizations. 

Our General Liability Insurance is a joint group policy with the Snowmobilers Association of Nova Scotia.  It offers organizational insurance for those who don’t manage trail and trail insurance for those who manage trail or have landowner agreements in place.

Our group Accident Insurance policy is optional coverage.  It provides coverage to a maximum of 20 volunteers per trail organization should they be injured while conducting trail-related business for their organization.

Risk Management

NS Trails has a risk management policy to help members manage risk within their organizations. 

Trail Construction, Maintenance and Management Advice and Support

Membership will give you access to trail-related resources. We also provide ongoing support on trail-related issues and can suggest experts and other members across the province who can help you to overcome obstacles.

Conferences, Workshops and Educational Events

NS Trails keeps you informed of opportunities to enhance knowledge and skill sets and meet other like-minded volunteers across the province. We hold regular online discussion calls for the trail community to give volunteers and others the opportunity to learn and share their experience and expertise. This year we’re also hosting a 3-day Trails For All gathering including workshops, expert panel discussions, and exciting guest speakers!

Funding Opportunities

NS Trails maintains an online list of potential funding programs and resources. We keep our members aware of new funding initiatives and deadlines. 

Donation Program

NS Trails is a registered Charitable organization and we have a program to help our members fundraise. Through the program, donations are made to NS Trails and can be designated to one of our member organizations. Donors receive an acknowledgement letter and a tax receipt. 

The Great Trail

NS Trails is the recognized agent for the The Great Trail in Nova Scotia. We provide planning and development support to communities and trail groups interested in becoming part of this National Trail Legacy. We also are responsible for recommending greenway gap projects for Trans Canada Trail Funding.

Member and Trail Promotion

NS Trails promotes the activities, events and trails of our member groups to our membership, trail stakeholders and the public.  We do this through our news emails and social media networks. Simply send us your information and we will disseminate it to the appropriate audiences. This is a wonderful resource for members looking to attract participants to events, trail workshops or volunteer opportunities.

Provincial Government Relationships

NS Trails works closely with provincial government departments on behalf of our members. We receive annual core funding from Communities,  Culture and Heritage. In collaboration with Province of Nova Scotia, we worked in consultation with our members and trail stakeholders across the province to develop a new trails strategy for the province. 

NS Trails is notified of changes in legislation and consultation sessions that impact the trails movement and NS Trails members receive notification of such changes and opportunities to provide input.


Community Trail Members – A community trail member is an organization of community-based residents who represent the interests of trail users in their respective area. To become a NS Trails member, a community trail group must be incorporated under the Societies Act of Nova Scotia, apply to NS Trails and be recognized by the NS Trails Board of Directors. The cost per year is $230.

User Group Members – A trail user group is an organization oriented towards the use of trails in a specific manner (e.g., hiking, cycling, off road motorcycling, etc.). To become a NS Trails member, a trail user group must be incorporated under the Societies Act of Nova Scotia, apply to NS Trails and be recognized by the NS Trails Board of Directors. The cost per year is $230.

Associate Members – Associate members are trail stakeholders who don’t fall into any other membership categories (i.e. government organizations and other organizations who have an interest in trails in the province). To become a NS Trails member, an associate member must apply to NS Trails and be recognized by the NS Trails Board of Directors. The cost per year is $230.

To apply for any of the above NS Trails memberships, please contact us at