The Shared Strategy for Trails in Nova Scotia

The first Shared Strategy for Trails in Nova Scotia was launched in August of 2019. The Strategy reflects the shared vision of the trail community, NS Trails, businesses, landowners, Mi’kmaq communities, and different levels of government. 

To download or view the Strategy, click the link below >>

Shared Strategy for Trails in Nova Scotia (PDF, English)

Stratégie commune pour les sentiers de la Nouvelle-Écosse (PDF, French)

The Trails Strategy Coordinating Group

The Trails Strategy Coordinating Group (TSCG) was formed in early 2020 by NS Trails and the provincial government’s Interdepartmental Committee on Trails (ICT). The TSCG is responsible for guiding, monitoring and measuring progress on the Shared Strategy for Trails in Nova Scotia. The group will share results and success to keep the trail community informed, motivated and moving forward together.

TSCG Members

Membership on the TSCG is broad based and diverse and representative of a wide spectrum of the trails community. 

Beth Pattillo, NS Trails

Sandy Hamilton, Dynamite Trail

Corey Robar, ATV Association of Nova Scotia

Robin Norrie, Communities, Culture and Heritage

Tara Crandlemere, NS Department of Lands and Forestry

Helen Smith, Nova Scotia Environment 

Stan Slack, Snowmobile Association of Nova Scotia

Justin Fiddes, Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq


Brittany Brydon, Town of Berwick

Angela Morin, Trans Canada Trail

Hilary Paquet, Municipality of Colchester

Bekah Craik, West Hants Regional Municipality

Janet Barlow, Hike NS

TBD, Union of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq

TSCG Progress

The TSCG has met biweekly via video conferencing since May of 2020. The group has prioritized the goals of the Shared Trails Strategy into 3 primary areas: Understanding our Trails and Systems, Promoting Our Trails, and Strengthening Funding Models.