Trails Strategy

Shared Strategy for Trails in Nova Scotia

On August 6th, 2019, the first Shared Strategy for Trails in Nova Scotia was officially released.   

The strategy reflects the shared vision and actions of the trails community, led by the Nova Scotia Trails Federation, businesses, landowners, Mi’kmaq communities and different levels of government.

Together, we’re working toward 4 shared goals:

  • strengthening alignment, leadership and collaboration trail development
  • expanding supports for trail development and management
  • improving planning for trails
  • increasing trail use

Download the PDF in English or French:

Shared Strategy for Trails in Nova Scotia

Stratégie commune pour les sentiers de la Nouvelle-Écosse

Trails Strategy Coordinating Group

The Nova Scotia Trails Federation (NS Trails) and the provincial government Interdepartmental Committee on Trails (ICT) are moving forward to establish the new Trails Strategy Coordinating Group (TSCG). The creation of the TSCG meets goal #1 of the Trails Strategy: Strengthen Alignment, Leadership and Collaboration of Trails Organizations. Specifically, it addresses Action 1.1:

Establish a Trails Strategy Coordinating Group (TSCG) to support and coordinate the implementation of the strategy.

It will be responsible for developing an approach to monitor and measure progress on the strategy. It will share the results and successes to keep the entire trails community informed, motivated and moving forward together. The strategy is ambitious, but with strong leadership it will guide the trails community to successfully realize its vision for trails which contribute to the quality of life of all Nova Scotians.

Membership on the TSCG will be broad based and diverse and representative of the full spectrum of the trails community. As per the TSCG draft Terms Of Reference (TOR), designates will be solicited from the following stakeholders:

• 3 positions to be named by NS Trails 

• 2 positions to be named by the provincial Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) community

• 3 positions to be named by the ICT 

• 2 positions open to the trails community at large 

• 2 positions to be named by the Mikmaw community 

• 2 positions open for senior municipal staff representatives

Trails Strategy Coordinating Group Member Recruitment

Open Application for Trails Community At Large and Senior Municipal Staff


The Interdepartmental Committee on Trails (ICT) and Nova Scotia Trails Federation are working together to establish the Trails Strategy Coordinating Group (TSCG).  As per the Terms of Reference, there are two (2) positions designated for the trails community at large and two (2) positions designated for Senior Municipal Staff.  We are asking you to please share with your sector/networks as we are welcoming expressions of interest to join the TSCG. The Terms of Reference (TOR) and position descriptions are located here:


TSCG Terms of Reference (Draft)

TSCG Co-Chair Position Description

TSCG Member Position Description



The following are considered key qualifications for members on the TSCG:

Knowledge of the trails community

Commitment to the Shared Strategy for Trails in Nova Scotia and its strategic directions

A commitment of time

Openness/ willingness to working in a collaborative environment

Experience in the community trail development model 


Please submit a resume and cover letter to:


Deadline to express interest: January 31, 2020

A first meeting / orientation will take place in March – April 2020.