Trail Closures

Trail Closure and Damage Update

We have been notified that the following trails have been impacted by Hurricane Dorian: 

  • Harvest Moon Trailway in Annapolis County is CLOSED
  • Nine Mile River Trails in East HantsCLOSED TO CYCLISTS
  • Bissett Lake Trail in Cole Harbour – Side path to Bissett Lake Park – blocked by tree fall
  • Costley Farm Trail in Cole Harbour – The remainder of the Cole Harbour Heritage Park is open.
  • Salt Marsh Trail in Cole Harbour – CLOSED between Bald Eagle Bridge and Ready Aye Ready Bridge. The trail is open from Bissett Road to the Bald Eagle Bridge and from West Lawrencetown Road to the Ready Aye Ready Bridge.
  • Baille Ard Trail in Sydney – A number of large trees have fallen that are impacting the trail.
  • BLT Trail in Halifax – CLOSED to all traffic (vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle) between Fraser Rd. and Silver Birch Drive. This is to install a bridge at the Cranberry Lake crossing, near the 103 overpass. The closure is expected to last until Tuesday September 17th and will also cut off access to The Bluff Wilderness Hiking Trail.
  • Atlantic View Trail in Lawrencetown – CLOSED
  • Bull Run Trail – Open, but with a few areas where overflow damaged the trail leaving it very rough for bicyclists and walkers etc. 
  • Bay to Bay Trail – The trail is passable from Mahone Bay to Lunenburg with a few areas that REQUIRE CAUTION including: 1) blow downs, not large branches but small pieces anywhere from 6 inches to a foot long that are covering the trail closer to Martin’s Brook and Dean’s Corner; 2) washouts (one at the top of the Pedway and one at the pit); 3) a tree is down across the bottom of the steps on the other side of Maple Ave. This completely blocks access to the part of the trail leading to the Old Station.
  • Short Line Trail in Oxford – Trail is closed due to water damage in one area, as the trail is completely washed out for about 10 metres between Thompson Rd and Water Street.  There is no through trail route.  Easy, short non-motorized alternate route via road to rejoin trail.
  • Lazy Bay Trail in East Wallace – Open and useable except high-tide detour – may be a wet area at high tide.
  • Bull Run Trail in Lunenburg County –  Cyclists and walkers should watch for rough patches due to overflow damage.

Note: Should a trail not appear on this list, it does not mean it is open or safe for public use.  With power outages experienced across the province reporting damage will be a challenge for some volunteer trail groups.