NS Trails Charitable Donation Program


Need help collecting donations for your organization? NS Trails supports participating members through our charitable donation program!


How does it work?

Donations are made to NS Trails and designated to your group by the donor. We’ll then process the donation and send it to your group. 

Donations can be made online at Canada Helps, or by mailing the donation directly to us at: 5516 Spring Garden Road, 4th Floor Halifax, NS, B3J 1G6


How does my group become eligible? 

*** Groups must be NS Trails members and have proof of Directors and Officers Insurance. Your group must apply to take part in the donation program by contacting us. ***

What is required for my application?

We require a formal letter signed by CEO/ED, Volunteer President/Chair, and one other Executive member which addresses the following:

·       Group agrees to be clear in any of its fundraising communication that donors will be donating to NS Trails in support of group’s work

·       Donation cheques must be made out to the Nova Scotia Trails Federation and not to your group

·      The letter should include a project description, including financial detail, of the activity for which fundraising is being undertaken

·       Group agrees to provide us with a final report on how the money was spent

·       Group agrees to NS Trails deducting administration fees from the donation

·      The letter should include a project description, including financial detail, of the activity for which fundraising is being undertaken

·       The letter should also state that the group will comply with all accounting and recording procedures required by Revenue Canada and the NS Trails 

·       The letter must be accompanied by a copy of your Directors and Officers Insurance Policy

Once the letter and proof of insurance are received, the documentation will be reviewed by our Board of Directors.  We will notify you of the board’s decision.  If the board approves your application your group will be able to promote donations through NS Trails designated to your organization.


What is the cost? 

The program is complimentary as part of your membership, but administrative fees apply. 

Donations made online via Canada Helps = 10% admin fee

Donations made directly to NS Trails by cheque = 20% admin fee.  *** Cheques from the donor must be made out to the Nova Scotia Trails Federation and not your group for us to process them and provide a charitable receipt to the donor. *** Note: As of February 23, 2019, the 20% administration fee on a single donation cheque sent directly to NS Trails will be capped at a maximum of $100.00. This cap does not apply to donations made online due to current online administration costs applied by our Canada Helps donation service.


How can my group promote that we are accepting donations?

For groups that have been approved to participate in our donation program, NS Trails has designed a series of graphics our members can use on social media to promote their group and request donations. You can check out samples here. Each graphic can be customized by NS Trails to display your group name and logo, as well as photos from your trail. We can also help you get a “Donate” button set up on your website that links directly to our Canada Helps Page.

Contact us to get started!