Nova Scotia Trail Patrol Code of Ethics

NS Trail Patrol Code of Ethics

Trail Patrol Volunteers must:

  • obey all laws
  • not consume or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • act in a courteous and helpful manner at all times
  • ride in a safe and prudent manner
  • take the trail patrol training for volunteers
  • wear the uniform (vest assigned to them) when patrolling
  • carry basic safety equipment
  • not portray themselves as a peace officer at any time
  • follow all proper trail etiquette
  • be willing to work with or assist local enforcement officers from time to time
  • have a solid knowledge of the OHV Act and trail or park regulations
  • have their bicycle/OHV in good working order (where applicable)
  • abide by all and any rules, procedures and practices administered through the NS Trail Patrol

Nova Scotia Trail Patrol has the right to discipline (including revoking the status of any trail patrol volunteer) anyone who breaches the code of ethics, rules, policies, procedures and practices of the trail patrol.

The trail patrol uniform (vest) is the property of the NS Trail Patrol and must be returned to NS Trails upon termination or retirement from the program.

All trail patrol volunteers must agree to abide by the above code of ethics, rules, procedures, policies and practices of the NS Trail Patrol.