Nova Scotia Trails members have the opportunity to participate in two group insurance policies we purchase annually.

GENERAL LIABILITY INSURANCE – (Joint Policy with SANS – Nova Scotia Snowmobilers Association)

    • Provides a defence should a claim of injury or property damage be made against NS Trails or one of its participating members
    • Community-based trail group members (without land agreements or trail) pay $100 for insurance that covers the declared activities of their organization.  Should you be asked for proof of insurance when you are organizing an activity (like fundraising at a mall) you may request an insurance certificate from NS Trails.
    • Before you begin signing landowner or lease agreements you are required to apply for trail insurance. The base fee is $340 plus $10 per kilometre of trail you manage.  Please complete this General Liability Insurance application.  General Liability Insurance Application

Incident Reporting Responsibility Under General Liability Insurance

    • Should an incident occur on your trail or land you manage you are required to report the incident to NS Trails as soon as you become aware that it has occurred.  DO NOT INVESTIGATE THE INCIDENT – THIS COULD VOID YOUR INSURANCE.
    • Simply complete the Incident Report Form below with what you know at that point.  (that may be very little and that is OK … but you need to report it)   Incident Report Form
    • Please review the incident reporting procedures document below and make your trail volunteers aware of these procedures.   Incident Reporting Procedures


    • Accident Insurance provides participating member groups with coverage for 20 unnamed volunteers if they were to become injured while performing duties related to the trail.
    • Volunteers 70 and over must be identified to be covered under the policy.  Your group must submit the names and birth dates of those 70 or over that your groups wishes to cover under the policy.  These should be submitted to the Executive Director of NS Trails.
    • Named volunteers 70 or over reduce the number of unnamed volunteers under the policy.


D&O Insurance are individual policies belonging to each group.  These policies are administered by:

Mike King
Intercity Insurance Services
15221 Yonge Street, 2nd Floor
Aurora, Ontario
L4G 1L8

Toll Free Phone: 1-888-394-3330

Important note:  Renewal forms and cheques must be made payable to and mailed to Intercity Insurance Services.