What We Do


NS Trails is a charity working to support the trails community so that all Nova Scotians and visitors have easy access to safe and enjoyable trail experiences.

Now, more than ever, Nova Scotians are appreciating the enormous value that trails bring into our lives. As we help each other through the COVID-19 pandemic, having spaces to stay healthy and connected is vital. Trails give us the space to enrich not only our physical health, but also our mental well-being. Trails allow us to deepen our connection to nature, our communities, and each other. 

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Volunteers are the foundation of our organization. We could not exist without the thousands of dedicated volunteers who contribute to trail development and management throughout the province through member community-based trail groups and trail user groups. Our volunteers are passionate and dedicated to building and maintaining amazing trail experience in their communities.


Why We Need Your Support

When it comes to trails, there is something for everyone in Nova Scotia – multi-use rail trails, trails for hiking, mountain biking, active transportation, ATVing, snowmobiling, horseback riding, skiing. We’ve also got water trails for canoeing and kayaking. Each trail comes with its own set of needs and costs. Once our beautiful trails are built, the work isn’t done there! Trails need regular maintenance, and it’s very costly. 



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